About me and my book

I was born in 1985 and raised up in Hungary (Central Europe). I love History since my childhood I’m obsessed with historical stories and figures. I liked mostly real historical female characters. I started to figure out historical short stories first before I’ve written my novel. I graduated as archaeologist and I was working in Museums meanwhile I was writing a novel. My debut novel is School of Ladies The Debutantes a historical romance.


Six girls and a ball where they can sparkle and shine like princesses. A story of a seventeen-year-old girl named Emma Derkin and five other girls, who just like every young girl back then, wanted to find the best possible husband at the debutante ball. The events unfold during the Victorian era in a girls’ school dormitory.


We are privy to follow the girls as they painstakingly prepare for the ball, as well as to watch the relationships that are formed between the girls. And, of course, the main event, the coming out ball, for which everyone has been getting ready. But love is unpredictable, and fate never fashions things the way we imagine it. This book is not just meant primarily for young girls and fans of Jane Austen novels, but the topic is equally enjoyable for every adult woman.

I have two sisters and I was alwasy a girly chic and I really appreciate when there are many girls in a novel and you can love or hate them and you cheers for her love and a happy ending. I like books set in boarding school for girls too.

I’m addicted to History, that’s why I became archaeologist. I like writings about real persons, about women, famous queens. I’m curious their lives, their private things, which took they closer. Sissi, Queen Elizabeth I., Anna Boleyn, and ancient queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti. I was wondering a lot about why doesn’t exist a film about Nefertiti. I would really enjoy to watching a movie about her…