Books and I

I’m in love with historical stories since my childhood. I think certainly the story is the most important thing in a book. A good story is fast, twisted and unpredictable and teach us something precious.

I have more favorite categories, as a girl, or woman, and as a „History lover”. I like books for different reasons. It’s not easy to separate the view but I will try it.

As I was a young girl I liked stories with balls where every girl dressed like a princess. I’m a huge Jane Austen fun, her novels are amazed me. The love line, which goal is making a good marriage is very exciting in her writings. Her characters are funny and realistic. My favorite is the Pride and Prejudice of course. Jane Austen inspired me in my first writing, School of Ladies – The Debutantes.


In my opinion the best historical fictions ever are Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, Little women by Louisa May Alcott, Buccaneers by Edith Wharton, North and South by John Jakes. These books made huge impression on me and on my writings also.

I have two sisters and I was alwasy a girly chic and I really appreciate when there are many girls in a novel and you can love or hate them and you cheers for her love and a happy ending. I like books set in boarding school for girls too.

I’m addicted to History, that’s why I became archaeologist. I like writings about real persons, about women, famous queens. I’m curious their lives, their private things, which took they closer. Sissi, Queen Elizabeth I., Anna Boleyn, and ancient queens Cleopatra and Nefertiti. I was wondering a lot about why doesn’t exist a film about Nefertiti. I would really enjoy to watching a movie about her…